14 Spring Investment Pieces That Have The R29-Editor Stamp Of Approval

The Jacket Maker Westa A-2 Black Leather Bomber Jacket

“A genuine leather bomber has been on my wish list for ages, but I’ve never quite found “the one”. As a shortie, most vintage options tend to overwhelm my frame, so instead of nailing that oversized, model-off-duty vibe, I end up looking more like a kid playing dress up. Meanwhile, brand-new leather jackets can be quite pricey — costing usually $500 and up.

“I was elated when I discovered The Jacket Maker, a direct-to-consumer brand selling genuine leather clothing and accessories at reasonable price points. This sheepskin bomber comes with a beautiful vintage-style finish, and it reminds me of all the oversized jackets I’ve had to pass over due to the fit, but in a more snug and modern cut. What’s even better is the fact that for an additional $50, the brand can create this jacket made-to-measure — all you need to do is submit your height and various measurements over email, and you receive a piece cut to fit your exact build. This is a great option for my fellow petite shoppers with narrower shoulders and shorter arms. There is also free worldwide shipping to sweeten the deal. This is a shoo-in for me in terms of spring fashion investments.” —Venus Wong, Senior Travel Writer

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