I’m Telling Everyone Who’ll Listen About the 13 Items I Just Tried On at J.Crew

Welcome to Let’s Get a Room, a series where editor Eliza Huber heads to the dressing room to try on pieces from your favorite retailers, buzzy items, and new collections. Think of this column as a detailed guide to the pieces that are actually worth buying and the ones that, unfortunately, looked better online—no returns necessary.

If I’m being honest, I never really thought J.Crew was for me. When I was younger and still developing my sense of style, the aesthetic surrounding the brand didn’t quite match the one I was slowly creating for myself, and therefore, I never really gave it a chance. But after seeing how Olympia Gayot, the brand’s new head womenswear designer, has pulled from its undeniably cool archives to revitalize the brand in a way that manages to feel vintage and modern at the same time, I finally felt ready to give the brand another go. 

I’m a tactile person, so I went straight into J.Crew’s flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York City, primed and ready to try on as many items as it took to really get to know the brand. I loaded up my dressing room with everything I could imagine—from cashmere sweaters to feather-detail button-downs, chunky jewelry to two-tone loafers—and set about mixing and matching them until I found the pieces that felt the most like me. Spoiler: I definitely got there.

Below, see all 13 of the items I tried on at J.Crew and now can’t stop telling everyone I know about. 

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