6 Comfy Mattresses Designed To Keep Back Pain At Bay

No, this is not Saatva’s main attraction mattress (excuse us, Saatva Classic), but the stats on this bed are bound to make a spine happy, with 50 precise firmness settings per side, a pillowy “lumbar zone” quilted top, a moisture barrier for extended use, optional Upper Flex adjustable base (as pictured), and more amenities. Its dual-sided customization is great for couples with disagreeable sleeping patterns, so much so, it made one customer compare her and her partner’s first night’s rest to “sleeping on cloud nine.” Another Saatva reviewer named Kathy explains, “I thought I would need hip replacement just two months ago. In less than a week with this bed, all hip pain is gone, as well as back pain. Same with my husband.” She implored fellow pain sufferers to pull the trigger on the adjustable mattress and not to “wait over a year to decide like [she] did.”

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