I Tried the Buccal Facial Massage Celebrities Like Meghan Markle Love

While I was pretty much sold on the powers of buccal massage after my treatment, I still wanted to get a doctor’s opinion. Catherine Chang, board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon and founder of Privé Beverly Hills, said that while she doesn’t think it can do everything it claims (such as generate elastin production), she doesn’t think it’s harmful, and believes there are real benefits. “I do think those motions help to move around lymphatic fluid and help it drain some swelling that’s accumulated throughout the day or the week,” she says, adding, I think that can give you a temporary improvement in the appearance of the face, making it look less puffy.” 

Chang also says that people tend to clench their jaws a lot, which can lead to enlargement of the masseter muscles, or the lower face muscles, causing the face to look wider or more or more bulky. “Clenching is a big reason that some people do Botox injections in their masseters, for instance, or in their temples, to help decrease that tension, and massaging that area can relax the face and decrease tension in that area, which can then possibly lead to slight slimming of the face and lower region,” she explains. “Overall, it’s a positive treatment.” Chang also says that if you have facial fillers, wait at least two weeks before doing buccal massage.

If you’re curious about doing facial massage on yourself, there are many videos on the Kosha Spa Instagram with Talan demonstrating how to do various techniques using your own hands or tools, such as gua sha stones. Keep reading for some of our favorite facial massage tools

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