Kate Middleton’s Latest Bag Shows Where She Stands on If Mini Bags Are “Over”

Kate Middleton is the ultimate celebrity to look to if your style is classic. Her wardrobe epitomizes a polished, timeless aesthetic, and her chosen accessories only emphasize that. If you look through her outfits, you’ll find that more often than not, she’s carrying a tiny bag with them. In fact, this week, she paired a monochromatic navy outfit and camel coat with a top-handle mini bag that perfectly complemented her look.

So why is this significant now? Well, the general consensus in the fashion world is that the mini-bag trend is being replaced by the oversize-bag trend. (Katie Holmes and Zendaya are on board.) Mini bags have certainly been around for a minute, but I think it’s safe to say that they’re not disappearing anytime soon—especially ones that are big enough to fit your phone.

If you too are still on team mini bag, keep scrolling to shop some of the chicest, most timeless ones on the market. Kate Middleton would surely approve.

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