Jane Fonda Talks About Lifelong Movement and H&M’s New Activewear Line

H&M has revamped its activewear selection with the release of its new line, H&M Move, designed to get people moving in unexpected and style-forward ways. Naturally, the brand tapped none other than actress, activist, and fitness icon Jane Fonda to be the face of its Empower campaign.

“H&M is a huge clothing business,” Fonda told Who What Wear at a launch event at H&M’s new Move Studio in Brooklyn. “When they said [they were] going to launch this campaign to get people to move, I thought, that is something I should get in on.” As the brains behind one of the most successful workout crazes of the 1980s, Fonda knows a thing or two about getting people excited about fitness. She credits its continued success to her making “a point of including all kinds of people” in her videos, as well as the simple yet easy-to-follow moves. Another way to get people moving? Great activewear, and for Fonda, that means skipping neutrals. “I love all the bright colors,” she said of the pieces in H&M’s new Move line. 

While Fonda believes movement is critical for lifelong wellness, there are also other tenets she deems just as important. For starters, she says that “staying curious” and “interested in people and life” are vital, as well as surrounding yourself with solid friendships. “I have very brave, smart, women friends,” she explains. “They are all younger than [me], but they make me feel brave and put starch in my spine.”

Now that you’ve been adequately convinced to get moving, shop H&M’s new activewear offering, including a few pieces from the Move collection below.

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