The 13 Best Travel Shoes, According To A Foot Doctor

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Hey Dude Wendy Lace-Up Loafers

According to Dr. Bradley, your shoes should also provide a good balance transfer for one’s gait — that’s the movement from when your heel strikes the ground until the toe lifts off, propelling forward at the end of one’s step. A heel that is too high or too flat will affect your gait and tire your feet, legs, knees, and even hips and back.

With a low heel that comes at a slight curve, these lace-up loafers have just the right type of rubber outsole for a uniform step. The elastic shoelaces also stretch out with the movement of the foot to allow more breathing room. Combined with the barely-there weight of the shoe (at under five ounces), and you get why the product has nabbed over 100,000 and counting positive reviews. These can also be rolled up for easier packing.

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