Psst, R29 Readers Can Get These Same-Day Delivery Flowers For 20% Off

Is it really Valentine’s Day without a beautiful flower bouquet? Unless you happen to be strictly flower-adverse, most of us would love nothing more than to receive a delicate bouquet on the big day. Surprisingly, though flowers are popping up for sale everywhere this time of year, hunting down the perfect bouquet can be hard. There’s price, aesthetics, and availability to take into consideration. Whether you’re sending stems to your paramour or your besties, they deserve more than the sad baby’s breath arrangements already past their prime at your corner bodega. To prevent flower FOMO, we have the perfect do-ahead solution that also works for procrastinators. Urban Stems is a next-day (or same-day in NYC and Washington DC) flower delivery service with unique arrangements, and we scored Refinery29 readers an exclusive discount. Place your order now, or bookmark this page for when we’re in Cupid Crunch Zone. From now through Valentine’s Day itself, you can get 20% off sitewide with the promo code R29LOVE. Keep on scrolling to see our top seven picks — from classic red roses to a Bridgerton-themed bouquet.

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