Gap’s Latest Campaign Is a Tribute to Stephen “tWitch” Boss

Gap’s newest campaign is dedicated to the memory of the late Stephen “tWitch” Boss. In the imagery shot prior to the renowned dancer’s passing late last year, Boss models pieces from the retailer’s collaboration with menswear brand The Brooklyn Circus. In line with his legacy, as well as his close personal friendship with Brooklyn Circus founder Ouigi Theodore, the collection “explores the concepts of individuality, movement and modern prep,” per a press statement. read more

I’ve Never Dated Straight Men But I’m Ready To Try

Now, despite resuming my search, on and off over a months-long process of trial and error, I’ve only swiped right on a measly two male contenders. And while I haven’t quite mustered the enthusiasm to meet up with them, I have seriously considered it. This is a major development for me and goes against many years of brushing off my occasional attraction to straight men, often on the grounds that I don’t want a dynamic that feels even slightly like stereotypical heterosexuality. With time, I’m realizing my old attitudes are more than likely a result of my own internalized biphobia: a fear that if I engage with cis-het men on any level, it invalidates my queer identity. Ultimately, this type of thinking isn’t productive and leads to tarnishing all cis-het men with the same brush. read more

J.Lo Wore the Chic Outerwear Trend I’m Seconds From Buying for $120 on Amazon

There are certain wardrobe items that simply pull more weight than others. A great handbag, standout boots, or an eye-catching piece of outerwear has the power to transform even the most boring outfit into something truly special. And no one knows that more than Jennifer Lopez, who spent a day over the weekend with her husband, Ben Affleck, and their kids wearing a simple jeans and T-shirt combination that was made noteworthy thanks to an extraordinary faux-fur jacket. read more