My Friend Has $500 to Splurge on a Winter Coat—I Told Her to Check Out These 28

As the world’s biggest proponent of curating an investment wardrobe, the number one tip I tell most of my friends is to buy a coat first. 

By all accounts, coats can be one of the most expensive things in someone’s wardrobe. The materials and construction add up—from feather-filled puffers and ethically-sourced wool. Not only will a good, expensive coat keep you warm, but it’s also a fashion statement in itself. With what feels like an endless amount of colors, fabrics, and materials to try, there’s outwear for every occasion.

From one native Floridian to another, I always tell my friends who have come to visit during the icy NYC winters that it’s the perfect time to snatch up a coat ahead of their trip. Thankfully, as the bona fide fashion friend, they listen to my advice. Below are 28 coats I actually sent to a friend who was looking for something she described as “chic and sophisticated, like a rich Upper East Side mom.” Consider me obsessed with these finds. 

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