These Emerging Streamers Are Ready To Take Over Gaming & Beauty

If this sounds like the makings of an origin story, that’s because it is. For the 28-year-old Austin, Texas-based variety streamer, that was really the start of her obsession for video games. Despite coming from a family of gamers and starting herself when she was so young, like many young women who grew up gaming, Shayne didn’t always think it was a viable career path or could see her own place in it, because it was still thought of as something only for guys, even among her friends. “A lot of times when I would talk about games, with some of my female peers, it would be like, ‘Oh no, my brother does that, but I don’t do that,’” Shayne says. “And when I learned that video games could be a career, I was always told it was the boy thing to do.”

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