The Best Mattress Brands For Your Sleep Style, According To Snoozy Reviewers

Mattress Type: Hybrid
Sleeper Style: Side
Pros: Firm-plush comfort, easy ordering, responsive customer service, cooling
Cons: Lower profile
“When the time came to purchase a new mattress, the mere thought of beginning this process felt overwhelming. Did I have to visit an actual store? Test out dozens of models? The task felt tiresome and the variety of choice seemed paralyzing. Despite the importance of finding a just-right mattress, who has time for the necessary research and price shopping? Plus, in the peak of an Omicron surge, I did not relish the idea of traipsing to different stores and laying around on other people’s mattresses. 
When a family member mentioned the ease of Casper, it immediately felt as if the fog had lifted. While the brand does have brick-and-mortar locations, I loved that the entire process can also be navigated online. I immediately visited Casper’s website and felt relieved to discover there are only four choices to deliberate. After taking a quick quiz on my sleep preferences, Casper suggested two options based on my responses (I went for the Nova Hyrbrid Snow). I appreciated not having to debate the subtleties of multiple models. The decision was straightforward — and, if I happened to make a mistake, Casper offers free returns after 30 days. There seemed to be no way to lose…Casper just seemed designed for the lazy-but-busy shopper. 
After the order was placed, my mattress arrived within just three days, appearing on the front porch in a box that was just a bit taller than a bar stool. As someone who tries to be eco-conscious, I was impressed that Casper used just one box to ship (it’s amazing they can fit the mattress in there!) with no unnecessary packaging. We popped open the box, slid the mattress onto the bed, and got excited about the first night’s sleep. 
That night, we noticed an immediate difference from our old mattress. The Casper Nova is firm, yet provides a soft give and gentle plushness that feels unique. While most mattresses can be described simply as one category (“springy,” “soft,” “firm,”) the Casper Nova is somehow all things. I noticed its softness and breathability, yet also sense the firm coils and tight construction. At the same time, my partner, who likes pillows and mattresses to be “squishy,” feels equally comfortable, and he’s sleeping just as soundly as I am. Despite the more reasonable price point, this Casper has the technical comfort to feel like a more expensive choice. 
When my partner shifts at night, I don’t detect any movement on my side of the bed. In addition, the mattress stays cool, even when you’ve been laying under the covers for hours. Interestingly, while historically I’ve always been a side sleeper, I actually feel supported and comfortable enough with this mattress to occasionally try a bit of back sleeping. 
I’m hard-pressed to think of any disadvantages. We are currently not using a box spring with our Casper Nova, and the mattress does sit lower than my old one. While this adjustment does not bother me, I’ve heard some people question being slightly closer to the floor. In this way, it seems a bit Scandinavian to me. Overall, I’d recommend Casper to anyone who is looking for a very satisfying night’s sleep and the easiest of customer experiences.”

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