The Truth About Barrier Repair: “It’s The 101 Of Esthetician School”

According to New York-based dermatologist Dr. Hamza D. Bhatti, DO, FAAD, we’re all at risk of a compromised skin barrier by just living. “I always give this analogy, imagine your skin is a plant,” says Dr. Bhatti. “When you’re watering the plant, the leaves are nice and soft, everything is great. But if you stop watering the plant, or the heat is turned up in the house and it becomes too dry and there’s not enough humidity, the leaves turn hard and they crack and become brittle. That is what happens to the skin barrier if you’re not caring to the hydration; the skin reacts to the environment because it has no protection. If you keep the barrier controlled, hydrated, it’s going to feel like that smooth, soft leaf.”

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