Hero Cosmetics Just Launched A Mighty Patch For Your Chin Breakouts

I’ve long used the brand’s XL Mighty Patch Surface patches before to address clusters of whiteheads and clogged pores on my jawline and chin, and listen: They work, but even I’ll admit that the fit is far from a 10/10. “Surface is great when you have a large, flat area,” explains Rhyu. “So a lot of time was spent understanding the curves of the chin area and really finding the right places to have those indentations [in the patch], so it wouldn’t get all wrinkled when you apply it.” Fourteen iterations later, they arrived at the Mighty Patch Chin sticker I’m wearing below. From far away (and if you’re as nearsighted as I am), you almost can’t notice that I have a large, clear patch on my face. The finish is a sheer, soft matte that blends into the skin pretty well given the size, and as Rhyu mentioned, the notches enable it to hug my chin.

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