Thoughtful Under-$50 Beauty Gifts That Say, “You’re Doing Amazing, Sweetie”

A Soothing Face Oil Set For Tired Skin

“This year, I’d love to give my best friend, Alex, the Kiehl’s Since 1851 Midnight Recovery Sleep Set with Eye Mask. She’s in her final year of grad school (in pursuit of becoming a licensed mental health counselor) and has pulled many an all-nighter, all while making time to be a friend (read: listen to my issues… for free). She bartends to pay for school, which means she’s been sacrificing a lot of sleep. Because she values slumber as much as she values skin care, I know this kit, which features a gentle botanical cleansing oil, a lavender-laced overnight serum, and a silky-soft eye mask, will bring her some well-deserved joy — and hopefully, rest. The message I want it to send is: ‘I hope that while you’re caring for others, you’re remembering to take care of yourself, too.'” — Hilary Shepherd, Beauty Editor, Branded Content

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