A Week In Brooklyn, NY, On A $607,000 Joint Income

Occupation: Senior Manager
Industry: Tech
Age: 34
Location: Brooklyn, NY
My Salary: $447,000 total comp ($220,000 base + RSUs vesting quarterly)
My Husband’s Salary: $160,000
Net Worth: ~$2.9 million joint ($1.1 million across all retirement accounts/IRAs/401(k)s, $666,000 in our brokerage, $60,000 in more “liquid” savings for an emergency fund, $686,000 in equity in our primary residence apartment, $346,000 equity in our rental property, $3,000 in our car. I also have about $250,000 of unvested stock I did not count in my net worth as it’s future money.)
Debt: $63,000 left of a personal loan (replaces primary residence mortgage, explained below), $153,000 on the mortgage for rental property
My Paycheck Amount (2x/month): $6,800
My Husband’s Paycheck Amount (2x/month): $3,800
Pronouns: She/her

Monthly Expenses
Primary Apartment Maintenance/Parking/Tax: $3,800 (At the beginning of COVID, when interest rates were super low, we took out a $300,000 loan (the amount we had left to pay on our apartment’s mortgage) from our bank and paid off the mortgage, because interest was three percent lower and we got approved for a great deal. This was great for us because we were able to consistently put any leftover savings toward it every month. I liked having the flexibility and the minimum payment was only ~$500-ish a month. But because it’s not a fixed rate, our interest rates climbed with the change in the market. So we took $30,000 out of savings and threw it towards our loan, and have about $65,000 left. We are aggressively paying it down with anything we have left over each month after expenses. We typically pay $5-$10,000 a month towards it depending on that month’s spending, but we don’t pay a monthly sum.)
Rental Property Mortgage: $2,500 (covered by tenants)
Private Loan Payment: We average around $6,000 a month. Since it’s a private loan, it’s flexible and some months are up to $10,000.
Utilities: $120
Car Insurance: $145
Condo Insurance: $46
Rental Property Maintenance: $50
Cable: $180
iCloud Storage: $2.99
Netflix: $16
Peloton: $44
Spotify: $16
Thrive Market: $48 (autoship pantry staples)
HBO Max: $14.99
Donations: $35
EZ Pass: $135
ButcherBox: $232 every eight weeks

Annual Expenses
Amazon Prime: $151
Thrive Market: $59 (membership)
Annual Credit Card Fee: $550

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