Yep, I Just Found the Perfect Mango Dupe for Hailey Bieber’s Gorgeous $1900 Coat

In the winter, a good coat has the power to make anything look good, even if it’s just a groutfit and sneakers. No one understands this and uses it to their advantage quite as masterfully as Hailey Bieber, as proven by one of her recent ensembles. 

For a lunch date at Matsuhisa in L.A., the model transformed her all-gray sweatsuit, dad sneakers, and baseball cap into an outfit worth writing about, all thanks to the addition of a Wardrobe.NYC coat from her recent collaboration with the brand. (Her gray Bottega Veneta Jodie bag, which she’s been carrying a lot lately, didn’t hurt.) With broad, padded shoulders, sharp lapels, and a buttery camel-colored finish, her choice of outerwear is a thing of beauty. There’s only one catch: It costs $1900.

Though the coat is number one on my personal shopping list, the price tag makes it more than a little bit tricky to buy on a whim. Saving up that much takes time, and if we want to re-create Bieber’s look before it gets overwhelmingly cold, a quick fix will be necessary. Luckily, I happened upon the perfect look-alike style at Mango that’s just as gorgeous at a fraction of the price. Scroll down to see and shop both styles as well as 15 more camel coats worthy of your attention. 

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