You’re Welcome—Our Editors Reveal Their Finishing Touch to Every Holiday Look

Confident, sultry, and fearless are just some of the characteristics I want to embody when I walk into a room. And even hours into wearing this scent, I feel all of that and more. (The endless compliments are helpful reminders.) This spicy-sweet amber-gourmand blend has notes of juicy rose, black cherry, jasmine, and vanilla. It’s the perfect finishing touch to an elegant outfit for an evening out, but I’m equally as tempted to spritz it on fresh out of the shower before I get into bed. When I find a fragrance good enough to give my signature scents the boot, I simply have to tell all of my friends. So I recommended I Want Choo Forever to my fragrance-obsessed colleagues, Michaela Bushkin and Nayiri Mampourian, and the votes are in: This is the only scent we’ll be wearing (and gifting) for the holidays. To help you gear up for the busy season ahead, we’ve put together some holiday ‘fits inspired by this sleek and sexy fragrance. Keep scrolling for all the inspo you need.

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