I’m A Black Woman Who Wears Hair Extensions — But Is It Ever Ethical?

It seems there is hope for synthetic hair yet. RadSwan, a company founded by Parisian blogger turned entrepreneur Freddie Harrel offers premium synthetic hair extensions that mimic afro hair textures without the ‘plasticky’ shine. For this hair extension brand, synthetic hair is best on all counts. “Radswan cares about its Black diasporic women and all the other women around the world. We have created synthetic hair wigs that can offer you an easier, cheaper and more realistic experience, without the ‘dark side’ of the industry and the wavering price points,” states Radswan’s website. As for sustainability, the brand says that it aims to recycle synthetic hair that they collect from individuals. Caring for and reusing synthetic hair is another way to give them a longer lifespan. For example, brushing synthetic braiding hair out and reusing the hair multiple times is one way to be more sustainable.

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