These Casual Kohl’s Outfits Look Way More Expensive Than They Are

Whether you admit it or not, athleisure has become a major part of our wardrobes over the years. (I mean, the fact that “athleisure” is now a fashion term is pretty telling.) We’ve taken leggings and sports bras to new heights by weaving in our favorite trends, and quite frankly, I’m living for it. If you’re still convinced that activewear should be reserved solely for exercising, just take a look at WWW Editorial Director Lauren Eggertsen, who is walking evidence that activewear does, in fact, belong outside the gym.

I hold my fellow editors’ fashion opinions in high regard. They remind me to take risks with my everyday ‘fits and keep me informed on what’s cool and what’s taking a back seat in the fashion world. I tapped Lauren for some affordable and stylish athleisure options, and she sent me some links that led me straight to FLX, a private brand at Kohl’s that carries affordable activewear products that look and feel way more expensive than they are. (FLX even has trendy shoes and accessories.) Everything I found was under $80—yes, really—so I couldn’t help myself from snagging a few pieces and styling them for you below. Keep scrolling to see how Lauren and I styled four athleisure looks from Kohl’s FLX line.

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