A Podiatrist Laughs Every Time You Wear These 6 Shoe Trends

They say that beauty is pain, and in the fashion world, we often swap out the word “beauty” for “style.” Style is pain? That doesn’t sound enticing. I’m a devout trend follower and appreciator of nice things (don’t judge me), but even I can’t get behind items that are bad for my overall well-being—even the prettiest pair of stilettos.

Since shoe trends operate on a swiftly moving trend rotation and can determine how comfortable we are throughout the day, we needed to touch base with our favorite podiatrist, Bobby Pourziaee, also known as the High Heel Doc of Rodeo Drive Podiatry, to get the 411 on which shoe trends we should skip this season. 

When I told him about the season’s biggest shoe trends, there were some he literally laughed at for the overall harm the structure can have on your foot’s health. Below, read along as this podiatrist breaks down which ones are laughable at best, and which you should stock up on ASAP.

Don’t worry, the ones he recommends are some of our favorite styles for this season meaning apparently, comfort and style actually can go hand in hand. 

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