The “Risky” Shoe Trend Taking the Place of Basic Booties

When it comes to boot trends, there are key styles that will always be “in,” like pointed booties and moto silhouettes. But this season, fashion people and celebs alike continue introducing fresh boot silhouettes into their wardrobes as alternatives to basic booties, including a slighter “riskier” choice: platform boots.

Statement-making in nature, this shoe style has the ability to instantly amp up (literally) even the most simple ensemble thanks to its bold and somewhat daring design. And while heeled platforms are a favorite, there’s a variety of flatform picks out there as well (ahem, the Prada silhouettes the fashion crowd loves) to bring comfort and ease to an ensemble. And sure, these styles won’t completely replace basic booties (they’re a staple), but we think more and more style-setters will gravitate toward them this season.

To highlight this fashion-forward shoe trend even more, we’re showing you how some of the trendiest people are wearing platform boots RN and also shopped out some key styles if you’re interested in upgrading your looks.

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