The 7 Fall Trends Fashion Girls Are Actually Wearing in NYC, London, and Paris

In the past month, I’ve found myself walking the streets of New York, London, and Paris. They’re considered fashion capitals for a reason—they always know what’s ahead of the curve before anyone else does. And while researching them through the online lens may look easy, it can still be tricky to figure out what’s being worn for a social media moment and what’s actually being worn on the streets. Luckily for you, I kept a running list of things I saw everyone wearing. I might have been on vacation, but I couldn’t help it, I was inspired. Since I just got off the plane 48 hours ago, I can share my research with you fresh in mind.

While each city is known to have its unique sense of style, I surprisingly found a plethora of similarities while visiting each. My travels didn’t just give me a mental refresh, it sparked the sartorial side of my brain just the same. From maxi hemlines to large carryalls, the items below will also have you ready to take on fall no matter where you live. 

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