8 Latine-Inspired & Created Tarot Decks You Need In Your Bruja Collection

Picture this: You’ve been looking to inject some of your Latine cultural roots into your tarot collection, so you make your way to the nearest bruja shop, overstuffed with crystal clusters, stacks of divination decks, diverse altar offerings, and more spiritual goodies. While that sounds like a witchy dream come true, not all of us have a one-stop spiritual store in our neighborhood — sometimes Amazon Prime is all you’ve got. Luckily, the universe has sent this story your way at just the right time — we’ve navigated the metaphorical aisles of the world wide web to find the eight best Latine tarot decks to add to your espiritista altar, from ones that boast Latine-inspired imagery to decks authored and illustrated by Latine mystics. Whether you’re curious about deity work with folk saint Santa Muerte or you’re just a seasoned reader with a penchant for the work of Mexican film director Guillermo del Toro, there’s an insightful deck for you in the options ahead.

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