You’re Not Scared Of Failing, You’re Scared Of Succeeding

— How were success and successful people spoken about when you were growing up?
— Did you feel your parents/significant adults in your life were successful?
— When you were younger, what did success mean to you?
— When you were younger, how did the people who you deemed to be successful seem? (i.e. happy, sad, stressed, mean, etc…)
— What does success look/feel/sound like to you now?
— If you achieved this all, what would that mean for your life/friendships/relationships/job/etc?
— What obstacles are in the way of you achieving your goals?
— Who has created those obstacles?
— How will achieving your goals impact your life in a positive way?
— How will achieving your goals impact your life in a negative way? (Spend some time reflecting on this area, will it actually negatively impact your life or is that a story you are telling yourself, how might these thoughts be false, do you have any previous examples of when you thought this way but the negative outcomes didn’t happen?)

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