These Captivating Photos Are An Ode To The Young Women Of Ukraine

Ukrainian herself, Yemchuk was born and raised in Kyiv before the fall of the Soviet Union. “When I think of my childhood, it is filled with beautiful memories of nature, fields and forests, my grandmother and my cousin, snowy walks in Park Shevchenko and attending ballet performances at the opera house with my aunt. I was a very happy kid,” she recalls. She adds how strong the women in her life were when she was growing up. “My grandmother, my aunt, my cousin… They really shaped me at that young age and I think I am very much who I am today because of them.” When she was 11 years old, Yemchuk was told by her parents that they’d be immigrating to America. “They said that we would never be returning to Ukraine, and that was the end of my childhood.”

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