I Tried The Effortless Hair Trend Taking Over London Salons & TikTok

Next up was the parting. This is where the installation method differs from other wigs. There are clips around the perimeter of the parting, which can be secured to your hair. I tried the three different methods I found on YouTube and eventually decided on a small piece of leave-out to cover the start of the wig. The popular crochet method (looping wig strands through natural hair with a crochet needle or similar tool) is just as effective and great if you’d like to wear the wig long-term. It’s important to do this carefully and efficiently to ensure an easy take-down. Since I plan on taking the wig off regularly, I decided this wasn’t the method for me. The even simpler technique of having no leave-out and simply teasing the root looked bulky and lent my hair the ‘wiggy’ effect that I’m ultimately trying to avoid. That said, it could be a quick and easy style for a night out.

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