Kate Middleton Wore the Buzzy Color That’s Trending at Zara

Kate Middleton has access to the crown jewels and has worn her fair share of designer clothes over the years, but she doesn’t really get to wear whatever trends she desires like the rest of us. As a duchess, she has to follow a strict (if unspoken) dress code, and many seasonal trends don’t make the cut. But a type of trend that she does routinely embrace is color. 

Neutrals certainly play a significant role in Middleton’s wardrobe, but more often than not, you’ll find her in a bold color. It’s well known that Queen Elizabeth often wears bright colors to ensure visibility, and perhaps Middleton sometimes follows her lead. Case in point: At an event today, Middleton wore the biggest color trend of the year—kelly green. It’s so popular that I recently wrote a story about how it’s eclipsed every other color trend that we predicted for 2021. The bold hue has been fully embraced by fashion people, and you’ve probably noticed that it’s all over your Instagram feed. This isn’t the first time Middleton has worn green, but perhaps she’s been paying attention to the trends.

Middleton’s sweater is from Zara, and although it’s now sold out, the retailer has tons of kelly-green items to choose from. Scroll to see Middleton’s look and to shop my picks.

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