Your Valentine’s Day Spa Night Guide for When Your S.O. Is You

February 1, 2018 @ 3:15 PM

Unpopular opinion: Valentine’s Day is overrated. Hearts, stuffed toys, and mandatory restaurant price-fixe menus all reek of your most-hated type of cheese. So, it should be embraced if you’re able to avoid all of the above on February 14th.

Just one of the many perks of being single on the holiday of love is that you can stay in and have a decadent spa night. Romantic interests come and go but you can always count on yourself, which is why it’s always worth it to go ahead and treat yourself.

Pop open your favorite bottle of red, fire up your Netflix queue, and indulge in a luxurious set of beauty products. It’s guaranteed to be your best Valentine’s Day yet.

Keep scrolling to see every beauty product you need for your solo V-Day celebration.

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