Why Celebrities Are Sharing These Hilarious Awkward Throwbacks

September 29, 2017 @ 10:45 AM

If you’ve logged into Twitter within the last 24 hours, you might be greeted by a surprising sight—heaps and heaps of pictures of awkward celebrity throwback photos. It’s only natural, then, to wonder why in the world your feed has been taken over by funny looking TBTs, but as we’ve found out, it’s for the best of reasons.

The photos come from an initiative called “Puber Me,” which Stephen Colbert and his guest Nick Kroll created on The Late Show Wednesday night. The duo agreed to donate money to Puerto Rico’s recovery efforts each time a celeb posted one of their less-than-flattering childhood photos, and since then, the #PuberMe challenge has taken off.

Everyone from Conan O’Brien to Lin-Manuel Miranda has jumped in, and the results are gut-wrenchingly fun. 

Don’t believe us? Feast your eyes on the pre-pubescent tom foolery yourself by scrolling through some of our favorite celebrity contributions, but first, don’t forget to take a cue from Colbert by donating to Puerto Rico’s recovery efforts yourself. 

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