Gwyneth Paltrow Jessica Alba and Ignite a Rave PartyinCarpool KaraokeTeaser

September 28, 2017 @ 7:45 AM

What happens when you put Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Alba, and in a car together? Obviously, an epic amount of fun ensues!

The trio couldn’t help but have a major dance party in the latest Carpool Karaoke teaser—seriously making us wonder if they have a future as a musical group. “I wish we were going to Coachella instead of the airport”, opens the clip, as he holds court in the back seat.

Next, The Honest Company founder asks driver Paltrow and the Black Eyed Peas member if either of them have been to a rave before. “I used to come out to Melrose and then we would learn on Melrose where the rave was going to be,” Alba recalled. “Remember when you had to go to the store, Wasteland or whatever?” emphatically recounts those crazy days stating, “This was before the Internet.”

“How did I miss this?” Paltrow inquires and proposes an in-car rave to make up for lost time. The group belts their hearts out to “I’ve Got A Feeling,” with LED shades and glow sticks in hand. 

One of our favorite songs of all time with three of our favorite stars? We cannot wait to see where the night takes the this unlikely trio!


You know I go psycho when my new joint hit, just can’t sit, gotta get jiggy wit it, that’s it. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] [MUSIC] The best dance from the 90’s was the macarena. Hell no. I came in like a wrecking ball Why is everything so hard in love. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]

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