Teens Across America Are Wearing Their Moms' Vintage Dresses to Prom

From Woman’s Day

Last year, this Arizona high schooler went viral for wearing-and rocking!-her mom’s prom dress from the early ’90s, and now, more teenagers are following suit and opting to wear their mom’s gowns.

Ally Johnson, an 18-year-old from Hillard, OH, is the latest to make headlines for her prom dress, which originally belonged to her mom and was worn to her 1995 function. Twenty-two years later, Ally was thrilled to don her mom’s dress and hopes her future daughter will do the same.

“I just loved it from the second I tried it on,” Ally told Today.com. “People were shocked, they didn’t think that could have been my mom’s senior prom dress. It was back in style. It’s a vintage, old Hollywood look. Even if my daughter doesn’t want to [wear the dress], I’m going to make her. Now we have to!”

Maya Rosenberg from Palm Beach Gardens, FL, is another teen to shop in her mom’s closet. She wore her mom’s black frock from 1989, which she shared on Facebook. “Yes, this vintage dress came from my closet,” her mom Kim wrote. “Right out of 1989 my senior prom! It was a last min[ute] decision to wear it. She rocked it!”

Last year, then 17-year-old Olivia Parker was the first to garner attention for the idea. When her dress was ruined at the last minute, she reached for her mom’s little black dress. “My friends all said I was lucky, their moms’ dresses were typical ’90s and not cool at all,” Olivia told Seventeen.com. “My mom has a great sense of style so I’m not surprised she would have a dress that’s still wearable 25 years later. She’s just one of those people. She was super happy I wore it and said it was worth dragging around all these years.”

Photo credit: Courtesy of Olivia Parker

And the twinning fun doesn’t stop there, as these posts prove:

Some prom dresses have even been passed down to granddaughters, like this pink gown, which was first worn in 1962 and most recently used in 2013.

The lesson here? Never throw away your prom dress-you never know what styles may make a comeback or who may want to wear it next!

(h/t Today.com)

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