Hillary Clinton Wears White Pantsuit to Trump's Inauguration

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Former US President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton arrive for the Presidential Inauguration of Donald Trump at the US Capitol in Washington, D.C. (Photo: Getty Images)

While the world is fixated on President Trump and his family, Hillary Clinton arrived at the Capitol wearing a white — you guessed it — pantsuit.

Similar to the ivory Ralph Lauren pantsuit Clinton wore to the Democratic National Convention and to the third presidential debate, Friday’s Ralph Lauren suit with cashmere cream coat is a fitting choice for the candidate whose platform has elevated women’s rights (and whose supporters are #StillWithHer).

White has been the color (rather, the lack thereof) of choice for women standing up for their rights throughout the 2016 presidential campaign, a nod to the suffragist movement in which women fought for the right to vote. Wearing white, as Yahoo Style has noted before, was an act of defiance during suffragist protests, most likely to claim a color so closely associated with purity, weddings, and youthfulness.

Twitter users immediately reacted to Clinton’s outfit, praising her for her hat-trick ensemble.

While Clinton’s campaign for the White House is over, the fight she helped lead for women’s rights clearly is not. On Election Day, voters wore white to the polls, and they very well may wear it again to march across the world. The absence of color is bold, indeed.

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