Make DIY Hand Warmers to Warm Up Your Little Paws

Most of you don’t know me personally, but I’ll tell you this now — my hands are constantly cold. I’ve been thinking about making gloves that are skin colored with painted fingernail tips just so I can wear them all day long without people (at first glance) knowing that I’m wearing gloves inside. But for now, we’ll start with DIY hand warmers. These are the perfect little warmers to stick in your jacket pocket when walking to work or renting a cozy cabin and going down the slopes this weekend. Make smaller ones for your kiddos and stick them in their jacket pockets to keep their hands warm while they wait for the school bus during these colder months.

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– cotton fabric

– rice

– embroidery floss

– fabric paint

– stamps


– sewing machine

– ruler

– fabric scissors

– sewing pins

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1. Measure out a 3 x 3-inch square of your cotton fabric. Cut out and sew three sides.

2. Flip the square right side out and stamp your funny phrase on the front with fabric paint.

3. Once dry, fill with rice, pin the opening closed and then sew.

4. Whip stitch the outer edge of the square with embroidery floss.

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Measure and cut out a square to your desired size. We made our hand warmers ranging from five inches to two inches for different sized hands. Sew around three sides of the square.

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Turn the squares right side out. These are so quick and easy to make, we suggest making a bunch in different patterns and colors. Pair with a mug for a quick and cozy DIY present for friends, co-workers or teachers.

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Grab paint and stamps and personalize with your favorite phrases.

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Fill with normal white rice and sew the opening closed.

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Thread your needle with embroidery floss and decorate the edges by whip-stitching them.

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