Teen Seamstress’ Incredible Dresses Are Fit for a Disney Princess

For some people, it takes years to figure out their passions.  Angela Clayton started hers at age 15.

The now 18-year-old costume designer developed an interest in sewing three years ago when she was introduced to cosplay. According to her website, “it combined [her] love of creating, makeup, photography and dressing up.”

Today, the Long Island, New York native focuses more on original designs rather than recreating characters, though she has created a few fairytale- and historical-inspired pieces. But Disney might want to reach out to this young seamstress because even her original ball gowns are fit for royalty.

Clayton describes her process as ‘trial and error.” She is “almost entirely self-taught,” with some help from the Internet. Recently she started her own tutorials on YouTube.

“I always do my best but things don’t always turn out so well! That’s probably partially due to the fact I’m ambitious when it comes to sewing,” she writes. “If I want to create something I’ll do it regardless of how complicated it is. “

The dresses can take as long as 250 hours to make. According to Buzzfeed, the “Frozen”-inspired piece took 170 hours alone on the cape, which was embellished by hand.

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