DIY Mindy Kaling’s Moschino Pumps With This Easy Hack

When it comes to DIY fashion, we can’t help but swoon over a good designer hack. As for getting inspired, our girl Mindy Kaling always has us covered. Known for her killer #GIRLBOSS outfits, Mindy is all about making a statement. So when she posted her amazing Moschino shoes on Instagram, we just had to make our own. Thanks to this easy shoe upgrade, you can save a pretty penny and channel your inner Mindian at the same time.

1. Cut two faux leather triangles.
2. Glue to the cloth part of the zipper.
3. Trim the ends.
4. Cut the rest of the zipper.
5. Glue one flat-dome stud to each triangle.
6. Glue the zipper to the shoe and leave to dry.

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